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Have Americano and Pen…Will Travel: Horseshoeing at Mortimer’s in Dulverton

Friendly. That’s a lovely word isn’t it? It feels good to say. It rolls pleasantly off the tongue. That’s what it feels like in Mortimer’s in Dulverton. The chunky wooden furniture and eclectic collection of oddments on the dressers is enough to get my imagination fired up, even without the lovely coffee and the encouraging

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Bonjour La France- Sara Vian goes on Tour

Dear Phoenix cic BONJOUR LA FRANCE! Well what a success the launch was!  Were you able to join us?  Over 500 people tuned in to watch us on Facebook and the house was full! And thanks to Phil Moakes and his team, you can listen again to the evening on the Frome FM Soundcheck page,

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Have Americano and Pen…Will Travel: Editing in Exeter, Artigiano

Today I’m working in Exeter, and so I’ve taken the opportunity to do have an impromptu coffee shop blog while I’m here! I’m sat on a cosy bench style table in Artigiano coffee house and wine bar.  I have a mountain of work to do, and so it’s just as well the table is so

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Have Americano and Pen…Will Travel: Reminiscing at Tessa’s Tea Rooms, Dunster

About once or twice a year I have a day when I just can’t concentrate on my words. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it always throws me. If I am not writing I just don’t feel- well- right! Over the years – it has been 12 years this very week since

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Have Americano and Pen…Will Travel: Ducking out at The Duck Café, Wimbleball

As the last few days of the school summer holidays fade away I find myself, once again, reporting from a place where the idea seems to be to wear oneself out! This time however (unlike last week, when I was ordered onto a bicycle), I have taken the café option! I’m sat in The Duck

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3 SEPT- Cider Festival- David 9 Lunas-Cross Keys Inn- Lydford on Fosse-Somerton

Cross Keys Inn Lydford on Fosse, TA11 7HA Somerton, Somerset 3rd September 6pm  David 9 Lunas: a slightly hippier Hendrix Describing himself as a singer- songwriter hardly does credit to what David 9 does. Steeped in hippy tradition, with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, he has great charm, an innate niceness to his music,

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